Sunday, August 22, 2010

Careful What You Ask For!

So we found Odessa in a small yard called "Bobby's" and once we had come to an agreement on price, signed the documents and began walking around with huge smiles on our faces, we had to decide where to start.

The list grew very long by the end of breakfast on the first day... where to start? The only thing we could think of was to do only the essentials that would make her float, so that we could figure out the rest later... it's actually a good idea.

The batteries were supposed to be 12 months old... but they we're shot... we'll do that later.
The water tanks (bladders) were disgusting... we'll do that later.
The head wasn't plumbed properly... we'll do that later.
The through hulls were Marylon and old... we'll replace those now.
The refrigeration doesn't work... we'll figure that out later.
The keel trailing edge and rudder trailing edge need some repairs... we'll do that now.
The bottom needs a paint job... we'll do that now.

So the initial list was simple... but who's idea was it to get such a big bloody boat?

The kids did school under the boat... we ate under the boat, we spent 3 weeks in the "pit of despair" and the hull just kept getting bigger. TIP: make sure you put enough good coats of antifouling on... you don't want to do this every 6 months.

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