Sunday, August 22, 2010

Found the spot

We found an amazing dock close to the yard... so not far to go and an easy approach... well everyone said we'd never get into the dock due to our 9' draft. It was fun and we had to weave our way through sandbars making it look easy... the onlookers didn't know that we had been out the day before in the dingy with an old lump of iron and string. There's nothing more accurate than an old plumb line and I'm really glad that I didn't drop the $150 for a digital hand depth sounder thingy.

Simon immediately set about finding new modes of transportation, his bike was coming along but not finished yet.

The kids settled in right away... not as much space as back home, but at least everything is at arms length. Functional comfort is the way to go... easy to keep clean and no room to collect junk. NOTE: Don't allow Playdough on your boat... it get's everywhere.

But the best part about living on a boat is that you live outside.

Now... where did we put that second list?

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  1. The kids look very content. Mine need some of this kind of time - no electronic noise! You should be writing a book and I hope you are keeping video. I think your adventure would make a great REAL reality show!!! Where is that Simon Cowell guy?