Friday, August 27, 2010

Home Schooling 101

Our home schooling expedition is a combination of text books, and real life. Reading about it is only half the lesson.

School is a very important part of our daily adventure. Making changes in our life started years before we began to sail. Teaching our children is a very important job. Not to just teach about book learning but also how to apply it to your life. School can happen anywhere. We can do school in a building, a house, a boat, a field, you name it.

The most asked question is "how did you do it?" I just say just jump in and give it a go, you're stronger then you think. You, your children and your whole family will be so much happier being in control of not just you kids education, but the influences on their lives.

An unbreakable bond will form.
Yes, with anything there will be bad days and good days. But would you rather invest in you children or in you job?

Under a boat in the yard.

On a hammock as the sun rises.

Extra curricular activities kids love.

Biology class

Physical Ed.

Science of tides, moon, set and drift, navigation, etc.

How to be self reliant and fix your own pluming and more.
Allan not to happy about this class.

How to love our family and neighbor in a selfless way.

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