Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kids On a Boat

Fear can stop you from doing anything. But, will you allow that fear to take hold and grip you.
Family and friends are sometimes your worst enemy. They can come up with a hundred reasons why not to do it.  I hope that I can be the friend who say,"YA, Do it".

Life on a boat is a lifestyle that you just have to use common sense. You can not be brain dead. You  have to be on you toes. So with that said, do not let your kids out of your sight. ( always a good rule of thumb wherever you are)

There are rules that have to be set and never are broken.
Our children are in their teens and are very good swimmers. But they still have a long list of rules that they do follow. Yes, life jackets, life lines, no leaving cockpit under sail, knowing how to handle radios and how to signal for emergency, and the list goes on... It is all about respecting your surroundings. I find that the kids DO NOT want to fall off the boat and are quite happy to follow the law of the sea.

We have met many children of all ages, from newborns birthed on the boat to 2-5 years all the way up to 16-18 years. You name it we have met a kid that age.

Jessy, 10 (South African) comes aboard to fish with the boys.


A young Australian girl  Jordan, 13 with Izzy


Awesome Canadian mother Vicky, with Roggie (3), Nyah (5)


Young American Jennifer 13, and her friend Jay
Photo from:

Young Swedish guys ages18-20, 
Devina the young lady teaches them how to cook.

You can apply this philosophy to any thing, living in caravans and driving from place to place, living on farms where help is not just down the street, a cabin in the Alaskan frontier were your nearest neighbor is a short plain ride away. The common thread is "common sense", being aware of your surroundings and simply having fun.

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