Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sell Up And Sail

OK... some rationale,.. well there isn’t any. It’s a lifelong dream to be independent which has been amplified by the insane goings on in the world over recent years. After 4 years of searching for the right boat and NOT having over a million dollars to buy new, we finally found a hull that is special.
She was built by a crazy marine engineer who took a famous Piver design and created a vessel of exacting standards. She’s very custom and built to handle typhoon conditions and to provide maximum safety at sea. 
The original owner passed away before she was completely ready to sail and a second owner purchased her. Another engineer went to work on her, again with engineering and safety in big water in mind. He added an Iveco 145 hp engine, amazing drive and steering systems, custom fuel tanks and fuel system.

We made some good progress over the winter, and needless to say taking the plunge with a road trip across the US during the Christmas Holidays, and finding a temporary home in a new place was quite an adventure in itself... we’ve enjoyed every minute and made some great new friends.
We’ve completed the pilot house doors, roof, some deck work, added a 12v/120v fridge and freezer, most of the water management systems, shower room and head, and learnt a lot about our use of resources. It’s amazing when you really figuring out what a family needs in terms of water, power and creature comforts... we don’t NEED much really, but we take so much for granted in a house on the grid and to be honest, we could be very comfortable using a tenth of the water and electricity used by the average home.
She doesn’t need much to launch as a motor vessel, 3 or 4 months of hard work and we’ll have a very comfortable home. We have a sailing rig available in Santa Barbara just north of LA, so if all goes well, we’ll be motoring south to add the mast and rigging next year.

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