Saturday, September 11, 2010

Arts in France

We are really enjoying the different culture of this city. We have been visiting all of the sites and museums.

Art is every were in Pairs. From street art to opera singers and 6 string orchestras in the under ground.
The churches are filled with master pieces and this is all free. You will be so surprised to find out that children get free admissions in most museums. We loved that.....

Delivery vans are covered in cool graffiti, A modern form of art.

Fresco in a Catholic Church.

Stain glass art work in the ceiling of Catholic Church.

Street graffiti is left up on buildings because it too is art.

Street performers at the Sacred Heart Church.

Out side statue at the Sacred Heart Church.

From a huge mural in the  Le Pantalon

Out side the  Le Pantalon

A small portion of a extra large painting in the  Le Pantalon.

Napoleons tomb.

The Opera House.

I have about a hundred photos of the different eye catching art in Paris, but I just can not fit them all in. I think that the most impressive thing in Paris is the appreciation for art and how things look, even feel. New technology and architecture is gracefully integrated into the living spaces of this vibrant city.

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