Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fun in the south of France

Took a break from the work load and went to visit some old friends, Rob and Kim.
We spent a week in a 500 year old cottage that was breath taking. You can see the history in the stones of the cottage, I wanted so much to hear the whispering voices of five generations of French family life in the thick walls. Our friends own this cottage and rent it out. Lucky for us one was available, the location is great and the price is right. We enjoyed everything the little village had to offer.  The fishing, biking, horse back riding, fabulous food and wine. This is a good place to see what France and her people are truly like.

The outside of the cottage

Simon and Izzy enjoy the peace and quite compared to Pairs

Allan even joins in.

Biking was an all day event. We rode from one small town to another.

Getting lost is part of the fun.


Fairy tales do come true. Izzy gets her wish.

Izzy and her horse for a day.