Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This last night was magic

Devon, Simon, and I went to take pictures of the city at night. The Eiffel  Tower
was such a delight to see. The tower is a glow with warm streams of lights, then it sparkles with luminescent flashes at 10 and 11 pm. We had so much fun walking and seeing all the people out at midnight, picnicking on the lawn of the Eiffel Tower. Venders walked through the groups of picnickers selling wine and Champagne. You could hear those in the crowed shout with excitement as the Champagne bottles popped. 

The sunset made the tower glimmer like gold.

From below peering up inside the heart of the tower.

Cool cars line the streets pimped out to transport tourist.


 The circus atmosphere is everywhere.

 Just Magical

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  1. I have loved sharing your blog with all the children and being able to keep up with what you are up to! Love you guys, miss you guys and praying for you guys!! ( By the way Spencer is looking at the medical school thats in the mountains there!its more affordable than in thehere)So if you have any info to share with us we welcome it.