Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flooding Halts Progress

Sometimes you have to stop and take stock of your situation, and today was one of those days. We've been under the influence of tropical storm Otto for 4 days and despite the torrential rain, flooding and difficult conditions, we've tried to keep going on our list of work needed before we launch Odessa. But on day 4 as we headed back out in the afternoon it was eerily quite, a couple of people wading through the flood waters and the stores all shuttered and closed.

Well, with know where to get the vital 1/4" x 2" machine screw that we needed to finally finish the toilet project... we gave up and pulled into Peter's work shop to find out what was going on. A curfew at 3:00pm was the answer, and given that we'd gone through 4 days of hell, it seemed strange that the local authorities had enforced a curfew so late in the storm. It was 2:45pm so we stayed and chatted to Peter about the inefficiencies of local government on the island and how it should be done of course. At precisely 3:00pm the heavens opened and the rain began an even bigger onslaught on the folks below.

The pathway to the villa we're staying in.

Lagoonies... we can't even get a cup of coffee today.

Everything looks different in the rain.

Spike finds a dry spot and does what we all should be doing.

Doreen makes a run for it.

Our back garden... or is it a rice paddy.

Well it can't always be sunny in paradise and it's been nice and cool this week. Hopefully we can catch up on the loss of time and get back on schedule next week. Ooh, Kung Fu Panda is on the telly.

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