Saturday, December 25, 2010

What do you do on Christmas day?

Waking up with the sun is the norm when you live on a boat, and so is going to sleep early. But this morning was different, not because we got up late, but because it was Christmas Day.

The day before we were playing with sails, raised the main sail again... practice makes perfect and the sail drop was a thing of beauty, no hangups and the whole family working like a well oiled machine.

Christmas Eve morning was also very beautiful... still as a lake and the mega yachts that had bumped us from our prized dock looking... well, Mega!

But this morning was normal in many ways, Doreen checking email with her first cup of coffee, the kids whipping up breakfast, but today there was more... prezies. Christmas on a boat is just as festive, but in much smaller ways. No tree but we have some decorations, presents are small too and more personal... apart from the money from family overseas, which is smart considering the cost of shipping.

What to do on Christmas Day?... easy, go to the beach. The wind blowing from the North East means that our favorite beach is off limits. You need to go by dingy and the swells make it impossible unless we get a west wind.

We checked out the beach across the road from Coupecoy... big swells had taken over, and the only choice was to hike a mile or so to Mullet Beach where the waves would be safer.

The crew surveying the situation.

Isabel taking the plunge.

Where'd the boys go?

We had so much fun getting thrown around by the waves and even Isabel made some bold moves. But, the price to pay for such frolicking with the beach is several pounds of sand stuck in your bathing suit.

Hiking back to the boat was really nice as the warm sun began it's dive back to the horizon. Fortunately, being in a swanky marina means a huge swimming pool to rinse out the sand and have even more fun.

Now... what about Christmas dinner?... We'll, our friend "Guy" was out fishing the day before and dropped off some fresh Mahi Mahi and Wahoo steaks, and we had just picked up some whole squid on the French side of the island "the legs for fishing and the bodies for grilling" so it's going to be a seafood Christmas on Odessa.

Merry Christmas everyone, we hope you have your own amazing day.

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