Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dominica and her people

We had the privilege of meeting a sharp witted young man named Tom.
He owns a tiny restaurant on the beach named Zam Zam Cafe.
We were just walking down the street and he greeted us with a kind hello and asked if we wanted help finding a good restaurant for dinner. We talked for a little bit and realized that Tom was an up and up chap.

Following him down to Zam Zams Cafe we discovered that he not only owns the place, but also built it himself and was carving out a home in this wonderful place for his family. His wife is mexican and it was in Mexico that learned a special building process to guard against hurricanes and earthquakes.

We also found out Tom was a new daddy and met his lovely wife and daughter at the restaurant. The food was very well prepared and the flavors dream like, obviously with love and a passion for life. We left fat and happy and slept well that night.

The boys enjoy a game of dominos. They asked for a cigar and a whisky,.. please.

The back of Zam Zams opens up to a spectacular view.

Tom hard at work making mexican cuisine melt in your mouth.

Tom was kind to take time to meet and greet all his guest. You feel like one of the family.

Allan and I came across Anchorage Hotel were they had a real whale skeleton. I was not aware that the whales swim close to the shore because of the deep water 100 yards off the beach. This whale passed away from old age and washed ashore. So crazy Allan and I thought it was funny to be in a whales belly.

Allan checks for cavities.

Dominica is a very special place... our hope is that it stays this way for a while, resisting the allure of quick money from tourists and focusing on it's unique resources, the people and nature.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful words! Love Tom and Ireri.

  2. Hey Tom... we had a lovely time at Zam Zam... you're living the dream of millions. We passed you heading north last month... no time to stop and as we sailed past Zam Zam many miles offshore we almost turned east to stop in for dinner. We're in the Dominican Republic at the moment also living a dream... our blog is very behind, but we'll catch up this week.

    Say hello to your family... we wish you all great success and hope to also have a small place in this world... when we find the place that feels like home.

    Allan, Doreen, Devon, Izabel & Simon