Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Odessa Makes it Home

This was our best sail ever! We sailed from Cayman Islands to Key West in 3 days (633 Nautical Miles, averaging 8.5 knots).

It was a gratifying and pleasurable sail, with perfect weather, and perfect company....

We were blessed with everything, from perfect sun sets to wind that offered speed. And best of all, my favorite, calm seas with low swells across the Gulf Stream. We even had dolphins greeting us back to the United States, "WOW!!" is all I  can say.


  1. love the video! when can we see you? are you in ft lauderdale now? where are you staying?

  2. Glad you enjoyed the video. We are happy to be back in the U.S.A.
    We are a little overwhelmed at the moment trying to find a place to dock the boat.
    Who would of know it would be so hard.
    Can not wait to see you and the kids.

  3. Had a most enjoyable time the other afternoon catching up and discussing our dreams together, past, present and future. We hope we are able to get together before we both depart. I have to add you guys have one really cool life!