Sunday, April 7, 2013


It's been a winter of hibernation and now the sun is shining. Birds are singing, trees budding and Blu is sunbathing on the deck... so what are we going to do about it?

Motivation is key... and we've received so many messages from people supporting our efforts to live off the grid, that I feel both saddened that we moved ashore for the winter and motivated that the future holds great adventures for our family. But, do we stay on the grid or jump off without considering the consiquences?

Odessa is "on the hard" and sitting in Deltaville, but the weather is improving and bringing our mobile home to mind. For those reading who don't know us, we purchased an older boat to recycle into a modern day home and sailed from South America to NY. This great adventure was achieved on very little money (working as we traveled) and provided us with an incredible adventure, an amazing lifestyle and happiness, all within the reach of anyone willing to make some effort.

So, that said we're frequently asked why we don't just continue... ok, there's nothing I'd like better, however we have three teenage kids to consider. Doreen (my wife) did an incredible job home schooling Devon, Isabel and Simon in their younger years, so no that they're teenagers we put them in school here in Maryland to see how they measured up.

18 months ago our kids we wide eyed, yet still full of teenage angst,.. living off the grid is much easier than bringing up kids.

Now we have kids that know-it-all as well as the angst. Parenting off-the-grid is much easier than in modern day society... that's for sure.

Now the kids scored high on their school entry exams, and with a lot of work they're slowly improving further. But, which life is better for our family? that's the big question. The distractions of growing up and influence of neighborhood friends concerns us as parents. Sure the kids always complained that they were bored on Odessa, but they seem to complain more on land.

Therefor, I'm asking our friends, blog readers... in fact anyone, for advice and motivation. Given the situation... should we get off the grid?


  1. Get out while the gettin' good.
    Traveling with you and Doreen will be far more beneficial than being in high school.
    They may not see it now but they will in the future.
    Happy Sailing!

    1. Yep... I have that feeling, but Doreen and the kids would have to be convinced too. I have learnt that whatever adventure you go on... the family must be happy or it won't go well.

      How's life on the range?