Saturday, July 1, 2017


UPDATE: - Sold Odessa ahhhhhhhhhhhh

I didn't think it possible, but yes... we don't have a boat.

Odessa sold in February of 2015 and after many months of remorse it's a time of reflection and ideas. I've been in a corporate job for the last 5 years, living 5 hours drive from the ocean, and I woke up this morning missing the smell of the sea. In fact, I found myself missing everything I loved in our past life which is the big wakeup call and clear sign that things have to change.

Doreen is working in the futile world of 9 to 5 and not being rewarded accordingly. Devon joined the Rangers... we didn't see that coming but Devon is smart and has an iron will. Izzy graduated high school and is dreaming of traveling, and Simon finished school early to focus on his creative endeavors. This means that all we can do for our children now is to be a positive influence and support them as they define themselves and dive headlong into their future.

It feels like planets are aligning and something big is on the horizon, and we took the first step towards off the grid living again, even if it's in short spurts for now. Not a sail boat this time... an RV travel trailer which we're towing behind "Badass" Doreen's wicked truck. There's always a dream behind every adventure and this time the dream is to drive from the top of the world in Alaska all the way to bottom - somewhere in Patagonia. It's not well thought out as with most good dreams, and it'll take shape over time.

One of my responsibilities at work is developing social media marketing and I've been engrossed in the RV world working on #RVNatives. This FaceBook page is focused on living fearlessly and providing a resource for adventurers and dreamers to help them take the next steps and doing what they love. Yes, there's a commercial angle as always, and the company I work for "EasyCare" provides vehicle warranty products like GAP, wheel and tire insurance etc.

Our first big trip is this July and August from Atlanta Georgia to the high plains of New Mexico, Colorado and Utah... boondocking (stopping on public land with no facilities) along the way and exploring the remotest areas with the least amount of human presence. We learnt the sea last time, it's weather, resources and how to work with it... it's time to learn the land, what it can provide and the special places that few people get to visit.

Is there a purpose?... not sure yet, but finding out will be fun.

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