Wednesday, May 30, 2012

St. Lucia, I Miss You

On all of our travels I have to say, the Wild Wrights never go back to a place a second time. But St. Lucia was just one of those magical places that we had to return to.
The genuine kindness of the people and their love for outdoor adventure is what made this island a two time visit for us.

Sailing from Dominica to St. Lucia was a little sloppy.

The kids felt every wave and sea sickness came over them.

Land, Our first look from sea.

Big ships like this are scary when they get to close.

Our first islander came as soon as we anchored.
The fruit man.

Nice fresh fruit.

Our first morning was a delight with fresh banana pancakes.

Simon spends his day fishing.

We take a hike on Pigeon Island.

Fort Rodney

This is one island that you wouldn't mind being stuck on.

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